Hey! Watch your step! You see that right there? On the ground, next to your foot? Yup! Go ahead, you can look down, I promise. That’s a FOR REAL booty trap! But; don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place my man, lady dear, friend or kid; whatever suits your fancy. Welcome to my home page of Snip Whip Tales, and thanks for making the leap into this void of short stories and bizarre-for-not-real-but-could-be-real tales! Under my “Snip Whip Tales” tab to the right, you can surely find a vast amount of short stories, written by yours truly… me! Unless of course, there isn’t a VAST amount of short stories under that tab, in that case, you’ve visited THE EARLY STAGES of my work. My good friend, that’s terrific! You can traverse this absolutely, mind-boggling, crazy-strange, REALLY DARK AND CREEPY, yet very HANDSOMELY EXCITING road with me! It’ll be a fine traveling you can count on!

I hope you guys enjoy the pieces, the work and the site. I’m just a message away, always! Feel free to comment, and interact.

Yours Truly,

The Kraken!… ok, ok, just kidding. That’s a little weird. lol

Yours Truly,

Eli 🙂 or Elijah! The choice if yours! (see that, see how I did that? I Just gave you the red or blue pill) choose carefully! Hehe

P.S. I like to release a short story at least once a week. So, no need to be shy, comment away! 🙂



Good day! My name is Elijah or Eli, choice is yours entirely. I promise. I'm twenty-five years old! And I grow in age, every year! Can you believe that?! On the 20th of April, I assure you all, that... I'm not a vampire. Alright, anyways. I'm currently in the process of taking an ancestry DNA test to figure out what I am, because I currently haven't a clue... so when I get the results, I will update this. Until then! I'm going to say that I'm, um, lets go with Mexican food, because I love Mexican food the most, therefore I must be from said ethnicity... obviously. Because I love it... I have to be? Right? I grew up in a rather large family with two older sisters in which I love very much, and four younger brothers, in which I equally love very much. I have a confession, Im horrible at keeping track of my siblings birthdays... theres just so many of them!!! I blame the quantity and not my memory... I have a lovely mother and proud Father. And I currently live in beautiful Washington state, with my beloved spouse! It is FANTASTIC here.............I love the weather. :) I enjoy writing, and I've recently returned to it. I was unnoticeably away from it, when I was a Marine, serving my country. A lot went on during this stage of my life. But! Now that I have been honorably discharged, I've finally relocated this passion of mine. And boy, has it been swell! I love to write and think. I also enjoy talking to other people! I'm currently in the works of this website and my first novel, in which I am overly excited about! The road has been long and very tough, but; I believe I'm going to pull through. I won't sit here and lie, I have my doubts. ALTHOUGH, I do have my dreams. And I can't help but believe in something. I know that it won't be easy, and I know that I probably won't get a lot of help. I do it anyways, because its the challenging road that can, quite possibly reap a bountiful reward. In the process, the reward is in itself as well, I have realized that. The rest of myself, well, its all over the place. If you're truly interested, feel free to contact! I hope you enjoy my site! *All published work on this site is © by Elijah Richard (me) ** If you'd like to use or share, just simply credit me, no biggie! Thank you!

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