The Lone Statue

*Inspired by a true story. 

Stone was its figure. It stood tall, grey and alone of its kind. It stood amongst the jasmines and the hoard of weeds that sprouted up around and beyond it. And the green ivy cork screwed around its figure, up past the knees, up past the waist it stopped and bloomed a peculiar flower.

This was its resting place, beloved it once was and forgotten it later became. But in these woods, it stand for not much longer alone. The Winds to the east pushed sharply the rains. The rain being forcefully thrown to the lone statue, it guided four children. In the storm, lost, wet, and unaware. It was home, where they obviously wished to go. But the winds, the rain, the path before them simply would not permit it…today.

They swayed with the wind and hid their faces from the beating rain. They clenched their coats and shuffled near together. It was in the woods that they hoped to find some shelter from these rains and wind. So, they stepped carefully. They creeped, they tripped over sticks and brush that tangled upon the ground. And the ground itself was soft. Though, the brush and twigs that scattered the floor would crunch every so often. Between the trees, they moved making way around them, desperately in search for some form of shelter from the elements. And finally, they spot an opening, though it wasn’t shelter, they found it curious as to why their eyes drew their steps closer to what stood in the middle. They treaded closer, still avoiding the obstacles before them, they made their way off the path and into the opening. And upon their arrival, their eyes met the lone statue and the rain ceased, the winds gradually floated away, as it would seem this particular area was a calm. Intrigued and bewildered, the kids approach it, they inspected its peculiar sense.

A bit of joy resided over them. And laughter came rolling down a hill, into the minds of the children as they began to play and dance among and around, within the area. They told stories of the statue before them, whispering untold rumors about it. Their imagination scurried and twined. It was, of course an unexpected find… or so they perceived it to be. The day stretched and light began to fade, they knew it was time to be heading home now, for good. And perhaps they would visit again, soon. So, they scuffed away from the area, from the lone statue, but; a feeling had them look back. All at once, they did look upon the statue, standing in its lone. The hair upon their neck rose and stood tall, it pulled at their neck as they all witnessed the shear horror of the statues head crack and snap towards them, it gazed upon them and back. Fear… it overcame the children as they raced home from the terror they saw.

And the kids never did return at young age. Rather at an older age, one did make the wander through the woods again. And he came upon the statue once more and to his disbelief, he saw above the collar-bone of the statue, a crack upon its neck. He thought: is it possible? Could it be?

Photos used are courtesy of WordPress’ free photo library.

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