Upon A Dark Road, A Light

*Inspired by a true story. 

I want to talk to you all about something. Just scoot a little closer… ok, that’s perfect. So, BAM! We saw it. Back in 2009, if my memory is correct. Me and some friends, we were trotting along a dark road, beyond some section of woods and whistling trees. The sky was clear. And I can feel the warmth of the blueness to it. The stars shined bright and the constellations were clearly visible. I’ll admit, we were talking up some crazy stories before seeing this strange light above our head. I would say, roughly, given my expertise on range, ill estimate it was close to 150 yards up into the sky, above us. We stopped in our tracks and wondered to ourselves, before saying, “guys, what in the *&*$ is that?” OK, this isn’t a UFO or paranormal site, lets clear that up. Although this is a site about Tales. So, therefore, its included…

The object, just floated or hovered. Which ever it was doing, it was doing so, creepy like. There was no sound, there were no blinking lights like that of an airplane or helo. It stood there, almost feeling like it was watching us. And in an instant, after our skin screamed bloody marry by creating goosebumps, it slightly shifted forward. But, the movement was fast and smooth like. Again, no sound was made. And then again, it shifted to the right and back, and to the left and forward. By this time, the three of us were most definitely freaked out! And the woods, beyond some, where we were standing on guard; it creeped and made sounds as if something was moving within them. Granted, it could have been a small rodent or a bird. But, the timing was significant. Because, at this time, we drew our attention back to the sky and witnessed the odd light shoot straight up, high and higher without sound or resistance from gravity, it would seem. It climbed the heavens height and disappeared! Ya…. it was finally time. It was a great time to lose our sense, we quite literally screamed bloody marry and perhaps whizzed our pants and ran in the dark, back home. Little sissy boys, we called ourselves after that strange occurrence. Most definitely, there are strange things our there, perhaps more explainable than others. But, the story is fun afterwards. I look back and say that’s the only “UFO” experience I’ve had.

And that’s the real occurrence. Now, let’s get into it.

The air was heavy that night, as we walked a path that grew darker as the time passed. And the trees rustled their leaves in the slight breeze of the clear night below a darkened blue sky. All that could be heard, were the footsteps we carefully laid upon the hardened ground beneath the leather soles of our shoes. We trance liked our walk, tired and on edge of the stories we told before the dark road, when we ventured through the woods that were now to our back some good ways. There was three of us, cold and eager to return home. But; the way was far to travel and it would be some time before we finally arrived at our destination. To our left, as we walked, the land opened up and rubble was scattered across its flat. Fairly large boulders, randomly sat upon the ground clustered with smaller ones, making mounds of rock that drew a suspicious imagination. To our right, a tall edge of a cliff arose above our heads. And looking up, we could see the cliffs edge, a drop that would seem to take a lifetime. A height, that deterred all, but clearly stated a relevance. Around the bend, down we dipped and up we climbed, as the road made whichever way it pleased amongst the land. We drew our attention to the sky, the stars shone a brightness that pierced through the darkness upon the land. And the moon, it was great in its orange appearance, it too, lit the land to show its true prowess. And ours eyes drew towards a speck in the sky. Only, a speck it was at first, before growing with every step we so softly landed, treading carefully. The speck began to grow and grow, it brightened a blue-white color and stood still in the sky. We came to a stop. We wondered what was strange about it. Perhaps it was the growing of it, the sound that it did not make but; clearly was expected as it began to move in ways that appeared unreal. With disbelief, my eyes stood fixated upon it. My skin crawled and the others became uneasy, at loss of words, our thoughts turned foggy as if a thick mist settled upon a body of water amidst the reeds. What it was, was unknown, and the unknown was a terrifying thing when upon a dark road in a dark land. But, what would anyone do? We all thought it. And the strangeness in the sky shot up with a quickness, in an instant; disappearing among the stars, fading from our sight. We ran. We ran until our legs could not take us any further, until our breath was at a loss. The night was a strange one. That dark night, with the dark blue sky, that shined a light unknown. It was an unknown. 

What about you guys?! Let’s crack a Snapple, dip some chips in some chunky salsa, smack our lips and chat! 🙂







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