She Be Brave

A story of a brave woman, a tiny Gnome, and a Queen who believed.  


A young woman, brave as can be, upon this path, i’ll make this decree.” Said a white-haired Gnome, upon a dusty road alongside the ridge of trees. The woman walked the road, lonely, but unafraid; clearly she was brave. The Gnome saw this, he knew she was of so. So, it was then, the tiny Gnome shuffled closer, he fixed his little maroon bow tie and patted his trousers, no dirt, that much he would deny. Presentation was key. Yes, he thought to himself, “too bad my clothes aren’t as clean.” Her legs, she stood them still, she stood her ground, unswayed, curious to what the little Gnome had to say. He carried on, for he had a story to tell, a telling that needed let known.

“You walk alone, brave, among these weary woods, they creep, indeed. There is no telling false of this. You know, you’ve seen?” And the woman nodded her head. But no words were said. Her hands raised up and she placed them on hip, square to the ground, square as can be. Tall, even for an average human, she made herself seem. “There is another fair lady, who sits upon her iron throne, day after day, she waits for me, a wee little Gnome. To tell a story of truth. A message, she let me know, it is for you. So, here I stand, square to you. A story you must hear now; before the Queen, the land, and us Gnomes are consumed.”

“Upon her iron throne, she sits. But a mere iron rock, suited for sitting, it swore not to sway, it swore not to rock. We had a paradise this way, in the deep-deep woods, our Queen of the Gnomes, our Queen of the Rock. Though, our little land among the woods, taken and overcame, by a shadow, by a creature that lured our little paradise into the darkness. Only some would escape, very few I must announce.

Now, she sits. She is stalked, guarded and kept aloft, on a top, so that down below, she could watch. In hope some day, a brave one; such as yourself would be swayed. Perhaps, be swayed by the story of a wee little Gnome, such as myself. The story I do tell, about our beloved Queen on the Rock, less I not forget, the shadow does grow. Soon, the rest of the land will be as ours; dark and consumed.”

And the young woman, she was upset. But, though her eyes frowned, her eyes of brown, looked upon the ground. It was short-lived, it was soon after, her eyes brightened and gleamed a shiny bright beam. And she knew, that it was her. Her mission; the Queen of the Gnomes, to set free the Queen on the Rock.

She nodded her head once more to the little Gnome, quick and short. Suddenly, some obvious questions arose; “how should I, defeat such a shadow that lurks below her, that lures with ease, many over? And is it not dark? How shall I see? My eyes are not made of the light, through that which is dark, they will not see.” She asked the tiny Gnome.

And the tiny Gnome replied, “Ah, these things you ask, they will come, you need only believe. Believe these things are you, and they will be. Simply will it so, for the Queen. To save a life, is true and just. To save a land, is surely another above. Do not worry, you will be; which leads the Queen free, back to us. And the Land, it wont have to see, that which could be.

So, they ventured forth. They marched the winding path around the trees. They stayed clear the middle woods, to stay true to their path, to not lose track. Until, finally they reached the end of the winding road, alongside the trees. There was no turning back, forward, they continued amidst the trees. With every step, they led with caution; upon the ground in which the sun no longer shone its golden lit rays of comfort and warmth. The air was now cold, stale and coarse. Rough to breath, hardly air of breathable sorts. But she was strong.

Though, fortune turned for the little Gnome, his light was fading, turning low. He fell behind, to the cold, to the darkness he sadly succumbed. She did try to help, but the tiny one insisted she must move on, for he was weak and she was strong. She denied his request… nonetheless, it was too late. For he was now gone and she still had much at stake. Saddened and alone, she continued her quest. Not only for the Queen, and the land. Now, also the Gnome.

Her stride lengthened and slowed. It was now dark as could be, the light was pushed out and it seemed all life was at flee. And she had remembered what she was told.  Scared, aware of her situation, clear the mission at hand; she opened her eyes and shouted, “This will not stand!” And the path she was on, lit up, it brightened and gleamed. Amazed at what happened, her spirit was lightened. She felt her strength grow, she knew what must happen, she knew she could fight it. To the Queen, for the Gnome, to set them all free. She believed, it would indefinitely be.

She stood at the bottom of the hill, in search of the Queen. But, nowhere in sight, could she see what lurked, what crawled, that which lured the light away and called upon a dark. SWOOSH! SWASH! SWISH! SWASH! A shadow made fast, around her, it zipped, It flashed.  “BOOM! BOOM! The ground shook, the ground cracked. It crumbled and smashed, under the weight of what moved. And she stood her ground, bracing for impact, ignoring the sound. Before her, two large shadowy pillars of darkness cut through the light in which she called upon. And she looked up, she laid eyes upon the face of a giant, a great shadowy figure. And in his palms, the Queen of the Rock, the Queen of the Gnomes.

The Queen did not scream. She looked down upon the woman, who was brave. “For our sake, lay waste the dark. Lay waste this shadow. Lay waste this, which made our land tear, leaving it scarred. You’ve made it this far. You, made of star.

The woman smiled, her eyes widened. And out from her center, a light; illuminated in white. A light so bright, the world at large, flashed a pure light. And all that was dark, was no longer. All that was left, was the world it was, where light won the battles. The Shadowy evil was no more. And all was as before. Except, the woman, who saved the land, the Queen of the Rock, the Queen of the Gnomes. Though, she was NOT lost. Up in the sky, a star shined bright, more than the others; it twinkled at sight. She had returned, to her home, away from that world, the Queen and the Gnomes.

And all did not forget her. She lived on forever, amongst the stars in the sky. She always shone bright. A bright light, for all to see. For all to know, you can stand brave, you CAN beat the dark. You need only believe.




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  1. I stumbled on your site after a strange and epic personal journey of self discovery, self love and bravery. I seemed out true knowledge, faced my biggest fears and inner demons and found you at the end of my travels. In my travels i met two 1 eyed wizards, a giant, a dog riding a bicycle, a sailor on dry land with his familiar….thank you for writing such magical fables!

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