Unoti: Chapter One

Life is a rugged road; stretching seamlessly, like a vast horizon.’ These were the words of a Titan. I swear it. I’ve met one. Long ago, in the hidden Valleys; amongst a great mountain range. ” Unoti waited for a reply from the bartender. He watched him serve a drink to another thirsty customer, then place his hands on the wet counter tops. Unoti felt uneasy as the bartender leaned in. He didn’t like smelling rancid vodka breath. “Tell your bloody child-story to someone who gives a damn, wont cha?” It was a rather upsetting look that he gave Unoti. “Clearly you’re annoyed!” Unoti replied sharply. And the bartender sighed deeply, “Clearly! Clearly I am! Now won’t cha shut it or ill have ya eating slob with the fatty pigs out back!” Unoti sipped on his whisky, he made a funny face and proceeded to silently mock the short-fused bartender.

He stared at the whisky in his glass for a bit. A lovely dark amber color it was. He thought, so beautiful, if I could turn this into a block, like a block of gold; it would be really pretty. It wasn’t unusual for him to think randomly, veering from topic to topic. There was a couple; playing pool over in the corner of the bar, near the window that faced east. He sat and stared, unashamed. For a bit, he watched the two neatly dressed men play intensely. They seem to be having fun, He thought to himself. I shall strike a conversation then? should I? Perhaps they might get annoyed, such as the bartender did? But, he’s a saggy behind… these fine gentlemen, they don’t look like a pair of saggy behinds. Nope, nope, nope. Fine gentlemen they are. Yes, Indeed they are. I hope…I will it to be! Little time passed, near three minutes to work up the nerve. He looked at the time. It read twenty minutes passed eight o’clock.

Unoti finished his whiskey and politely asked for three more. And the bartender looked at him suspiciously, he hesitated for a brief moment. “What’ll ya have?” The bartender asked. “Three whiskeys please, I’m buying some drinks for my friends over by the pool table, there.” He nodded in the direction of them. And the bartender rolled his eyes and poured the drinks. “Thank you.” Said Unoti. “Ya, ya.” replied the annoyed bartender. So, Unoti plopped off the stool and proceeded to make way to the two nicely dressed gentlemen. I should tell someone, these two men look like a lovely pair to tell. I shall befriend them. 

*To be continued.







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