Unoti: Chapter Two

This bar is quite popular tonight, oddly. Unoti thought to himself as he walked cautiously to avoid bumping into anyone. He quickly realized he was juggling three whiskey glasses, Please, sugar cane and wonder sips, don’t fall.” He whispered to the glasses. He struggled a bit, still walking slowly; pausing for brief seconds at a time, just until he finally had handle of them. Hugging the glasses tightly to his chest, he approached the two men, facing the long side of the pool table. They were on either side of the pool table, submerged in the excitement; too focused on the game at hand. 

He stood there rocking back and forth; watching them, he laughed at every moment they laughed, as if, he was in on the fun too. It was only but a few minutes that passed, finally; he worked up the nerve to take a step forward and laugh obnoxiously. “Oh! haha! ee! oh, oh! I do say, that was swell lads! ah… terrific.” The two gentlemen paused with a bit of confusion at first. But, they couldn’t help but laugh with him, his jolly stature and silly outburst was completely welcoming, to them. “Welp, you two gentlemen care for some whiskey? He waited for a response and quickly spoke again, “I assure you! It is quite delicious!” He handed one to the gentleman with a baseball cap. He wore slim jeans, a white tee and a brown jacket. His clothes fit him, they weren’t tight and they certainly weren’t loose. They were neat, clean and fit well. The other was the same, except his hair was made handsomely; dark brown, matching his slightly lighter brown eyes. He wore a maroon colored, long sleeve shirt. Four buttons in total, but he fastened only three of them at the top of his shirt. He had on dark blue jeans and a pair of brown laced boots that complimented the rest of his attire most graciously. 

“Thank you!” They said cheerfully. “You two don’t look the likes from around here.” Unoti gladly admitted. The two gentlemen just smiled and lifted their drinks up, signaling a toast; they landed their glasses on the pool table and with one gulp, their drink was gone. Unoti was delayed, as he wasn’t accustom to their routine of whiskey taking. He smiled, lifted his glass and gently tapped it against the pool table ever so softly, whilst looking at the two for a bit of reassurance. “My name is Orin and this is my partner, Alex.” Orin said, standing there in front of Unoti, aside Alex. “Ah, the pleasantry is all mine Orin and Alexander. I do say, might I warn you two; the bar tender aloft is a bit on edge tonight.” He said so, jokingly, whilst leaning in a bit with his hand cupped to one side of his cheek. They laughed and picked up the cues. “You wanna play a game or two with us?” Orin asked. “Oh, I’m not familiar with the game, but I did hope to fancy you two gentlemen with a story. A story that must be heard.” Unoti’s eyes fell, looking towards the ground; he hoped they wouldn’t discard him the way the bartender had. But Orin and Alex didn’t think much of it. “Sure, we would love to hear a story, what’s it about?” Asked Alex. 

Orin and Alex placed the cues back on the pool table and Unoti brightened in joy; scurrying around to look for a spare table to sit them at. “Come, come, here, sit here!” Unoti urged them. The table was in the back north-east corner. And above it, there was a dimly lit red light. He ushered them into their chairs and he took a spot before them, on the other side of the table. And there was a pause at the table and the song overhead changed. “This Magic Moment,” this song always reminds me of the movie “Sand Lot,” said Alex; breaking the split silence. And suddenly, just as Orin and Unoti were about to say word, a shuffle and a kick was coming from inside Unoti’s brown coat. “Eh hem.” Unoti cleared his throat and clenched his coat. “If you dare, nope, don’t you… stop it! I will, just mind your beak sir!” Unoti whispered into his jacket, trying to be inconspicuous. Orin and Alex were a bit suspicious, and it was lucky for Unoti’s half; that they were hard to frighten off. “Eh, heh… my apologies, um, my friend wants to meet you two. He’s in a bit of a rush, so to speak. The story is mine, I will take you to see it!” 

*To be continued. 




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