Unoti: Chapter Three

“Would you care to be space travelers?” Unoti couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. Orin and Alex were bewildered and just a bit curious as to what that entailed; thinking nothing of it, they agreed. “Very well, you two fine lads will be it so!” Unoti stood up and climbed upon the chair and shouted, “I do depart now! It was a pleasure being in your company!” Below him, the whiskey must have been settling; Orin and Alex giggled and laughed uncontrollably. And the angry bartender, he made haste quickly towards him. Unoti noticed, “Oh!” He scurried in circles on top of the chair in which he was standing upon. He saw the face of the bartender and It did not look pleasant. “Oh my! Time to go, my friends.”

The men and women in the bar, they chuckled a moment and stared briefly before returning to their clicks and drinking. The angry bartender made closer. But, so did an unexpected someone. And just before the bartender could grab hold of Unoti; he made like throwing a bed sheet out in front of him. A black-silk and sheeted plane began to wrap overhead. Time slowed a bit, and Unoti couldn’t stop what he had begun; he saw a woman, and it was evident; her curious eyes sought an exciting time. Stepping in, just in time; she too was about to go for quite the ride. Better it was three, I suppose. Unoti thought to himself as the black silk swallowed the four of them from that existence.

There was silence and it was dark. Unoti often described it as, “falling asleep and waking up again.” And it was the simplest way to put it. Now, this is peace. The realm between the things, the pings and life’s many pendulums; they swing and ever ring the bell, a sweet peace. It chimes a sweet grace. Unoti thought to himself as he drifted through an empty space. His smile enlarged as he watched the two original fellas he was to bring along, look confused and a bit terrified. The third unexpected guest was unusually in awe, not usual for a first timer when stepping through the realm. Perfectly safe, I failed to mention that to them, oops… I think that would have calmed the two, perhaps…or not. Hehe. He chuckled and giggled, and he lay back as if laying upon a bed; kicking his feet up and crossing his legs in rest. 

A noise began to enter the void and it alarmed Unoti, “Ah, it is time!” The sound of water trickling down the rocks of a river bed became more prominent. “Ahah, here it comes, do as I say; hold your breath now!” Unoti shouted at the three of them. The moment was gone, as quickly, the moment reappeared as a great plunge into an emerald-green mass of shifting waters. The sound of the splash, the feeling of momentary breathlessness; all appeared in a single moment. Water’s tide threw them upon a sandy beach, where the shells of sea creatures were of all sizes, and the rocks that stood the test of time were molded by the splashing waters and salty winds; making like grand structures standing against an ever aging history.

“Wake up.” Unoti poked at them with a piece of drift wood. “I assure you all, you’re alive and well!” The three started to move, they could feel the sand in their clothes and the rays of the suns beat down upon their faces. And near them, they did not see Unoti yet, but they did see a rather large shadow casted upon the sands and water. “Now, now; forewarning… it is rather different here, but it is another paradise amidst the universe, best to bring you here to tell a story; saves me the describing of it!” He scampered around, skipping rocks into the water. “It’s best you be getting on your feet now, water’s tide will soon be upon you and the suns will soon be setting. C’mon, c’mon! So much to see, so much to say, so much to do; here, we are astray!” The three of them could see the large shadow dance around. And they suddenly realized who’s shadow it was.  


* To be continued. 




Photos courtesy of WordPress’ free photo library. 



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