Unoti: Chapter Four

“You happen to see the road, in which the light wanders from your feet as you walk?” Unoti asked his three guests. “Listen, I don’t mean to frighten you, but over here, it doesn’t get any more umm, normal… eheh. Hmph, oh! watch your step now, wouldn’t want you tripping over those stray vines… they don’t mind folks walking around them, but stepping on their necks, sure tends to kick dirt in their eye. If you know what I mean.”

Unoti continued walking in front of the three, glancing back every so often. Dark was upon them and the three of them hadn’t talked in some time. Desperately attempting to cheer them up, Unoti stopped in his tracks and turned to face them. “Ok, ok, ok. Here he is. Oh! dear lady friend; what is your name?” Unoti asked the girl.

“Jamie, call me Jamie.” She said.

Unoti could tell she was eager to speak more. “Ah! very well then!” He smiled at Orin and Alex, But they didn’t return the gesture. His smile dropped and he felt rushed, “I introduce to you, Frederick! of Tinnly Tree Tops.” And out from his coat, a colorful Toucan bird began climbing. His beak bit Unoti’s coat and his feet pinched the fabric; pulling himself up quickly upon Unoti’s shoulder.

“Salutations!” Said Frederick.

“The bird speaks!” Shouted Jamie.

“The bird talks?” Alex looked confused and nudged Orin.

“Did the bird just speak?” Orin rubbed his eyes in doubt. And Unoti smiled, “Yes, he does! He’s a lovely speaker, too! In fact, he’s the reason you all are here. He’s good friends of the titan, you’ll see soon enough!” He galloped and skipped with cheer, turning from them; walking ahead with a delightful spring in his step.

Orin, Alex, and Jamie looked at each other quickly, before shouting: “Hey! what do you mean!” They ran to catch up with him. “Unoti! you have to tell us the meaning of this! where are we, what are we doing and–” “Ubup-bup-bup!” Unoti interrupted Orin. “All your questions will be answered soon enough!”

The three of them were a bit disappointed. It wasn’t fun being in the shadows, not knowing left from right, sky from ground. The entire land was beyond strange to them. The trees swayed, the vines crawled, the birds sang oddly tunes and the stars… well the constellations. The mighty Big Dipper was not in sight. Orion’s Belt, no where to be seen. Three moons, they could see through the tree’s canopies. And shadows of strangely things flew across the sky, shapes they hadn’t an eye for; from the land they were from.

Orin grabbed Alex’s hand and looked over at Jamie, and grabbed hers as well. And for a moment, they looked up at the sky together; wondering where in the universe they might be.

They approached a stopping point, where the canopies faded and the land opened up to a deep valley with mighty mountains on each side of it’s belly. It was still rather dark, but the rumbling of the ground was humming a low-low sound. And the trees tossed up their birds to fly.

In the distance, their eyes caught sight, the shadows of the mightiest mountain to the right of the valley; crumble and shift. 


A great trembling took the land. Unoti turned to face them. Frederick, the Toucan bird hopped and flew onto Alex’s shoulder, “It is a magnificent sight, yes, the opportunity to see mountains stand.” 

* To be continued.




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