The Lady In White: A Peculiar Dream

*Something a bit different.

When I was a child, I remember having this odd dream… amongst many others. In this dream, there was a lady in all white. She was a beautiful lady. She had blonde hair and it was dressed elegantly in a high bun. She wore a pair of pearl earrings and her lips were an attractive, rosy-red shade. And of course, I couldn’t forget about her dashing, pearly white high heels. They were excellent.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what she was doing or why I was with her. I can faintly remember us in a vehicle; she neither talked or looked away from me. And it was strange, I can’t remember whether I couldn’t speak or I didn’t want to… perhaps, I didn’t have to?

I remember the vehicle rolling to a stop and my dream flashed a little and suddenly we were outside, staring upon a dreadful shack. I thought her to be some sort of realtor agent, if of course, there were any non-talking kind. She nodded at me and back at the house, subtle like; I knew she wanted me to look at it. It lay there broken and charred. No doubt, it was once engulfed in a raging storm of fire. The misery it was in… had to have been. Poor little home.

I thought: well, if I’m to be looking at houses to buy, why in hell am I being shown this horribly abandoned, run down, obviously not suitable for living, house? My dream flashed again, and we were inside the tiny shack. Her eyes did not leave my position and she stood there holding her clipboard, watching, as I walked around. I was literally considering this as a home! I’ve thought about this dream, time and time again, over and over; I still haven’t a speck of knowledge as to why she showed me this place… perhaps there was something that weighed heavily on me during that time in my life. Who knows.

My dream flashed again. And the magnificence! I could never explain thoroughly enough. There was an unbelievable amount of detail, it was an oversized mansion! much larger than a “typical celebrity one,” if my memory doesn’t betray me. I was absolutely in awe of its beautifully arranged pillars and its color, a radiant white; seriously, I squinted at first glance of its marvel.

I made a double take at her, she wasn’t staring at me this time. Instead, she was fixed upon the beauty in front of us. And she had a look on her face, she was pleased, happy… relieved even. Another flash occurred and we were inside. What in the — heavens sake! why wasn’t I brought to this baby in the first place! this is more like it! Some-what of the thought process racing in my head at that very moment.

I even remember her sitting down at one point, upon a bench in the entrance way as I explored. Everything was trimmed with gold, the floors were some sort of marble. The stairway started in front of the entrance, aside the wall and it wrapped around, like a semi-circle; into an opened second floor in which you could look over the rails and see the entrance way on the first floor. It was a glorious and most beautiful home.

She moved like a ghost suddenly, disappearing and reappearing in random areas of the mansion. And surprisingly, the “me” in my dream, wasn’t at all, even a wee bit surprised… imagine that? Finally, she came back to me. And she just stared again, as if she was waiting for me to make a decision. Umm, is there a decision to make? Obviously I would take the beauty over the little shack that was clearly eaten by the Flames of Mordor. But she waited, and I could not speak. And I remember feeling a bit sad and happy, all at once.

The dream ended there… of course I didn’t get to an ending. I never chose… not that I know… It was by far, one of the more peculiar dreams I’ve had. And the lady in all white, always holds a special place in my memory. I almost feel like she was trying to aid me somehow; as if, she was trying to help me make an important decision in life.

Anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed the story telling, I imagine dreams make fantastic short stories!

P.s. I apologize for the week delay on the posts, I took a short vacation last week!

Much love!


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