Unoti: Chapter Five


Jamie stepped closer, trying to get a good look; she rubbed her eyes and ran her palms through her hair out of frustration. Alex and Orin proceeded to follow with caution. “You’re a giant rock?” Jamie asked in a shaky voice. “Mm, I am the rock, an Oreini that is able to speak and move freely; this is true.” Jamie stopped holding her breath; she looked back and gave the other two a nod, a bit of a reassurance.

“Why are we here? We want to go back home, please let us go back.” Alex said. He watched as critters and tiny animals left the crevasses of the Oreini and ran down it’s sides. They watched as the featureless face of the Oreini began to behave in strange ways: could it have ears, they were like miniature sun rises; dimly lighting and becoming brighter. Where the eyes would be: It was like a great burning ember. And from where a creature might speak: there wasn’t a seam, not even a jaw; there was nothing. So a question they all asked themselves was: How does it speak? 

“It would seem, as if you believe you can go back to the world you came and live the life you had before, with all that you know now.” Said the Oreini; its voice was like a sound, moving through a vast, empty cave. Orin covered his ears and tightly closed his eyes. It was then, when the Oreini reached out his hand, placing it on the cliff in which they stood; it lifted a finger and slammed it back down. The ground beneath them trembled and Orin lost his balance, falling to the ground; he opened his eyes. “Did that feel real to you?” The colossal Oreini asked them. They nodded yes, all except Orin.

He leaned in, even closer to Orin, “What about you, young one?”

“It felt real…” Orin said, as if he didn’t want to admit it.

“And what of the trees behind you? What of their flowers? Can you not smell their nectar, their velvet-like pedals? What of the birds in the sky, their songs harmonize, can you hear them? What of the ground, tell me; did you feel the ground slam against your legs as you fell? And what of I? Did you feel — when you saw the likes of a mountain moving towards you? Perhaps, it was fear; the likely feeling when stumbling upon the unknown — do you feel the life in my words, the air that encompasses them, as I speak to you? Tell me, young one, does this world feel lifeless? What is real, to you?” The Oreini waited for an answer but the three companions thought hard on the mountain’s words. 


Orin, Alex, and Jamie all turned towards Unoti, who was standing at the edge of the cliff beside the mighty Oreini; facing them. Unoti made a gentle nod — and Frederick spread his wings and flew towards Orin, in which Orin held out his arm. “You see… This land here, is the land in-between the world you are from and the world we are from! Yes, yes it is! It is by far, a most complicated story, yes — not entirely sure if it’s worth sharing, it isn’t. All you need to know, is that you three — indeed, you survived the journey here, you are here. And without Unoti, we would have never found you three.” The three of them looked a world beyond confused. Frederick had a keen eye for it. He shuffled and hopped over to Alex. 


“Ok, but why us? Never mind the obvious question, though, I do think it’s called for.” Alex said, crossing his arms and pulling his head away so that he could better see Frederick, who was now on top of his shoulder. 

Frederick ruffled his feathers, “Yes, yes, it is a goody question, it is! And to be quite honest, I am, I am! It is the stroke of  coincidence, my new friend — as you and many others would call it. A wee bit, stirred and shaken with a pinch of destiny. Yes! you all will have a part in this, you do. ” 

It was then, when the great Oreini shifted, extending his hand outward and on the ground in front of the three. And Unoti raised his finger swiftly in the air, as if he forgot to say something, “Our world was missing a few, you, the world we are from. It longs for its twist of fate! If you come along, you accept this task… the three of you, it is much to ask… the details are not fine. Know that there is no better destiny than to save a world from an Ill fate. There will be a someone, in which you all will be close with. And I dare say it now, but all memory of here and before will be completely lost!” … 

The three of them took a step back, “Wait! What? Are you out of your mind! I’m talking to a bird, a strange man — if you’re indeed a man!” Unoti gave Orin a funny look, an unfunny-funny look, there is such a thing; a grin, a smile unaware that it’s suddenly taken a frown — taking the shape of a cork screwed snarl. Orin continued, “And a giant pile of rock and dirt! You tell us of your world and pretend like the one we came from, suddenly doesn’t matter!”– 

Frederick interrupted, “Oh! But you aren’t of that world, dear Orin. None of you are, the part of the story we have yet to tell! You see”– From behind, a loud CRACK! like the ground of the forest sprang open. The trees swayed and the birds scattered and flew in a frightening way. “From the depths! they have found us, we must leave! we must leave, now!” Unoti urged the Oreini and the three companions. The trees lasted none to it, they bend from fear, no light was felt; no good was coming their way. Surely it was heading for them as even the ground was consumed by the milky mist it brought with it. 

“Aasimoorii!” The Oreini hissed, and from within, a deep, deep sound began to hum; the tune of a low-low bass took louder and became brighter. Eyes of light, ears that shone like the sun, like the magma of a volcano; stalwart.

“Quickly! you must come with us! I promise, you will be safe… But you must do so, quickly!” Unoti shouted, and the three companions looked back and saw not even a mustard seed of good; they lunged onto the mountain’s palm and it was dark. 


*The story… must it go on?

{A note from the Author: Unoti started as one of my Snip Whip Tales. And its grown, larger now… a short story… I ask myself: do I continue or perhaps, seek an ending? What do you all think? The previous chapters of Unoti can all be found on my front page, in case you have missed the opportunity to read them. Cheers!}





Photos courtesy of WordPress’ free photo library… Besides the drawing. 🙂 







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