The Squabble Of Man

Of course there are humans, the likes of women and men in the lands of Idemrune! We are a formidable being, after all. Persistent, ambitious, relentless are we. And it would be an ordinary land without the extraordinary likes of man and woman, our arrogance alone proves to be note worthy in any land.

But there is a side squabble — of a different man, a different woman (so the humans of Idemrune address the matter). A region called Pinuut, lies home to Withēnem. And though, they are not bound to this specific region, a large majority call it home. I’ve known about this for some time; the difference has me a bit flustered. But, believe me when I say: I’ve gathered the appropriate evidence.

It’s rather their culture that sets them apart, and they’re proud folk. And I’ve only recently discovered how in tune they’re — with the ground beneath their feet and the trees at their side; the waters and the wild beasts, too. I became aware suddenly of a few physical attributes that I had not noticed before. Clearly, my mind was elsewhere. Perhaps, it was the depth of knowledge and legends of the lands that took hold of me, for the better.

The thin skin behind their ears; it was nearly transparent. And their was a soft glow, hardly noticeable. Soon after, I had realized all the old men; full head of hair, not a soul was thinning! And then there was the question of age, 240 was the oldest Withēnem I had encountered; she stood tall, too! and her spirit was still bright as can be…

I paint them as so, but they hold a dark history; a history dating back to the dawning times. And at this very moment, I find myself eagerly on the search for clues as to what it might be. It seems to be a single focus of shrouded history that has forever, so far, placed the Withēnem alongside tattered breeches…

Allow me some time, the mysteries of Idemrune are plenty.

*Author’s notes: Thank you for reading the Squabble Of Man! Feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to know what you think!

Until next time,

– Elijah Richard

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