Scholars of Idemrune

They certainly live among rows and rows of knowledge. Books and ancient texts stacked high and higher. Their utmost desire would be to not only uncover the mysteries within the lands — but to protect it, guard it’s secrets from those who wish to use it for self gain. Some would say it’s their civil duties. Their purpose. Scholars. Scholars of the Farthers, they’re called. Within the mountains, upon the islands, amid the dunes within buried ruins, and among the flatlands: they study in caves.

And wouldn’t it be grand to meet such a wise people? The Elves of Rayunku speak highly of the Scholars of the North; they have constructed a most beautiful library… rather I should say, a vault — heavens sake, the doors appeared tons weighed! And the strange way they admitted us entrance; like waiting word from a royal highness only to let down the gate and make themselves vulnerable. But it wasn’t a gate… would it be safe to measure an assumption: the living that walk the lands of Idemrune could mistake it for so? Rooting forth legends and rumors like the gossiping mouths within taverns…

But I wonder, of the things I’ve been taught — power is with knowledge and it seems awfully frightening to have the two together, lumped ready for the taking… or perhaps, it  is my devious mind racing the possibilities? Nevertheless, this could be their solution: there are others; Scholars of the South and of the West, far across the way, the Eastern Scholars have their own dolmen as well. So, my devious thoughts stand at bay — nor do I seek gain from their wondrous secrets; I aim to tell of them, this much is true.

From these, Idemrune and its all, have the chance to thrive within other minds — other worlds… Much is owed to these knowledge keepers. I regret finding myself ear to a Cynocep (a wolf headed being), speaking to her colleague about some missing texts… It seemed rather distressing, as I don’t think they would’ve been whispering in the veil of the shadows, with their eyes wandering on guard.

*Author’s notes: Thank you so much, for reading the Scholars of Idemrune! As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below! Cheers. 

Until next time,

– Elijah Richard




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