Secrets Beneath the Land At Far

There is much to say about Odessa Crine; it largely being a sea of sand, rumors flock as the murder of crows do from borough to borough — what lies beneath it, are the legends of the dawning times. The Hunchbinaroos, those rather tall Gnomes, and that fearless king of a Withēnem; those times are old… yet they heavy a burden among the present in the lands of Idemrune. So, I see now that there is much to discuss of this ancient land and it will come in due time, I assure you. 

The Land At Far — well, it is Odessa Crine; it has been for some time. This story is of one night within those lands.

The night was old and there went a strange person creeping through the shadows of crumbled ruins. She halts. A step… a tip tap went like a tick tack and the floor fell beneath her feet. Was it eight feet? Was it twelve? She couldn’t tell, and all there was to see was the gaping hole from which she fell.

Distraught and confused, she took from her coat a palm sized crystal. She held it tight, she held it close, and I could hear nothing but the faint whispers of oddly words — such strange words with eyes shut closed. And a single tear rolled from off her cheek; I could not see the tear, no, but it was the first echo of a drop within a silent hole… and it was suddenly apparent to me how alone she looked; it sank much deeper than the physical fact that she was alone, yes… she was no stranger to lonely days and lonely nights…


The crystal shined — walls like vines and passage ways like grand tunnels of a former self. And all the quiet was instantly springing with sound; the first drip, the tear, it led the sound. And it was odd that when the light shone, sounds began to chime a tone — the drip drips from an overhead stone, a cold dew. She stood so proud, wiping the tears from off her pale face. But I asked myself: ‘why within these lands does she stalk the night with a magic crystal that shines so bright?’

Then, it occurred to me that this was no accident, ah!… she was on the hunt for some thing. What was the worth of such a thing at the price of uncertainty? Surely, it must be of a mighty importance to her — this was astonishing to me — what might it be?

She wandered, watching her step against the uneven ground. It spread with broken pillars of a long ago civilization; the sand took it, claiming its new home. And those vines… well, I had not seen the likes of such vines from the desert up top.

Down a long hallway, she scurried on through and it opened up into a grand room. Center, there was a low humming tune. Ever so faint… but the closer she took to it, the louder it became. I could see she was surprised, and surely even I was shocked to see the ground slide down, yet another tunnel camouflaged on the plain surface of a false ground. Without a doubt, there was a trickery about — a magic guard, perhaps.

Down the tunnel, it lit bright from the crystal in the palm of her hands. She hurried on through, anxious to come about the ends of her quest. And I was not! surprised! seeing yet another grand open room! But, I tell you… I was quickly aware of my own fault. One should not study such a large and dark room with such haste, I judged too soon; there was a strange, unforeseen beauty that rooted up from the ground. A beauty like none other — but I speak firm of this, it was the type many have surely died for; I should be cautious, things with such beauty in the Land At Far, surely are equiped with swift… demise.

She crept towards it, gently placing her palm upon it. And I captured a bit of joy glimmer in the center of her eyes. Accomplished!… no… relief, she felt a bitter sweet relief in that very moment. It was then, when she leaned upon it, sliding down; she sat. And the light in which she held began to fade; a single word I heard: “time.” I knew then, she was no ordinary woman… but a Hunchbinaroo; their story is truly pronounced.

*Author’s notes: As always, I do appreciate you reading of the strange lands and mysterious people of Idemrune. Please, leave me a comment, I’d love to know what you think!

Until next time,

– Elijah Richard

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2 thoughts on “Secrets Beneath the Land At Far

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  1. Wow it sounds mystical, magical. Shrouded in a cloak of mystery! I like you;the writer being the narrator and tried picturing every unfolding scene as a painting in my thoughts. Beautifully descriptive. Keep writing Eli! As we say: happy writing- indeed! 🖊📝👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is wonderful! Thank you, Lizette! I try and make my stories from Idemrune almost like a journal entry. I’m so happy you enjoy them! ❤️ And YES! Happy writing, Lizette! 🙌🏼📝🙌🏼😬


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