The Island Wolves

It was the year the sun poured its tears. They remembered it vividly; golden colors mixed with violet bursts of light. And like it is known, how the tears fall down your cheek and drip off the nub of your chin; so did the suns tears, and all for a term of a year. Strange times they were.

Off in the northern hemisphere of Idemrune, there is an island mainly of Cynoceps, called: Taunuw. It is now the homeland of these Wolfen beings. And the year of the sun would cause a great uproar among all Cynoceps; stitching themselves into the very fabric of history. For they were nearly a thousand years oppressed by the high order of Elves in the lands of Idemrune.

A Cynocep by the name of Vicharri IvoryFang, took the great sun as a true sign to end her kinds oppression. And as the Scholars of the North (highly populated by Cynoceps) would have it recorded; she led her kind through a great resistance. And the way most resistance is met, is how it was, with great bloodshed — but with mighty victory to a most noble cause.

That marked a new age for the Cynocpes, a now free people. As for Vicharri IvoryFang, she is forever immortalized as a savior in the eyes of all Cynoceps, a great ambassador of freedom, a true leader. Sadly, it was her life that seemed the cost during this uprise. There is a statue risen in her honor; It stands unwithered from time in front of IvoryFang Keep.

And like most stories in Idemrune, there is a shroud of mystery here. A journal was later found, believed to be hers. A close relative claimed they could never mistake her elegant calligraphy for another. Pages upon pages spoke of a being from the sky who visited her in her dreams. A being closely resembling the kind called: Haffbaru; winged beings of an absolute sheer beauty… they are cunning, to say the least.

But there is no way to prove this assumption… her journal states that she was ‘advised to make a stand’ if her kind where ever to be released from the chains of oppression. It’s safe to assume this being was highly convincing. And the question lingers: who was this mysterious being? I’m afraid we might never know, but I sure am glad It unfolded this way. After all, no kind should be oppressed… not even the Cynoceps of Idemrune.

The journey is here, in these lands — a terrific one, indeed. And it is now, I must be on my way, Taunuw beholds a most wondrous sight.

Until next time,

Elijah Richard

Photo is courtesy of WordPress’ free photo  library and is intended merely for aesthetics.

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