Seven Lands of Idemrune

As promised! The second version of the lands of Idemrune. No borders, some key features, a little more detail but not yet in a finished form. These are the foundations, however, of a vast world unlike our own; unlike most… and it’s mysteries are plentiful, even I have barely scratched the surface…

Yet I’ve come to know this land well, it’s people, it’s longing for surfacing. And as I continue writing of the smaller stories in these lands, the larger one slowly unveils itself to me; like the slow churning of the sea, it expands and vortexes. A much larger plot thickens, something I couldn’t possibly have foreseen…

So, Thank you! 1,000 followers! I’ll see you in these lands, if you so wish to step with me.

Welcome to Idemrune.

And until next time,

Elijah Richard


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