The Winged Ones

Idemrune’s first steps were amongst the skies. And in it’s honor, they built sisters; eternally rooting from the epicenter of it all. Among the plains, where the regions have no claim, where there is desert, where there is snow, forests, and jungles… There is a people who can fly with the wings of eagles, but wings of others, too. Not human, no… something else entirely. And my question is: What part will they play in this world, in these stories, and of the story that will change it all? 

Ele’MeqSill… nearly centered mass, a paradise roots and flourishes like the gardens of Eden. I regret not staying longer; I feared I was dreaming, the pyramids, they dare stop reaching for the skies, they longed for the clouds, the stars, the moon. Yet there is a sense of pride only achieved by experience, by the steady beats of time; they became resistant, so it feels.

The capital of the world; it seemed fitting, it felt true, standing in the midst of it’s titanic structures. But to these eyes, it was almost unreal. And then, I remind myself that I have yet to discover the depths of Idemrune’s possibilities, and the heights they may soar. And these were the things that struck me with chills, the Haffbaru; they flew swiftly. They walked, elegantly. They spoke as if their words literally shaped the world around them. They were careful yet wise in their choosing.

These were people of tradition, they hardly bent with the rules of time; their blood was the blood of their ancestral natives. And yes, they’re indeed different from most beings in Idemrune but they are not forsaken. Their numbers are proud, and they’re highly respectable beings. Then, I ask myself: how in fact do all the beings and creatures in Idemrune relate to these people? They aren’t mechanical, and I should make it plain, they’re not perfect. And this is what makes a people relate. I believe perfection is about the only impossible thing within any beauty. It is within every beautiful thing, there are flaws…

Of their appearance was tan in skin, eyes like amber, brown, and green. Lightly clothed, I do say, too. But still, most respectable; they valued every connection with their land. Many were with beautiful abstracts on their neck and collarbone. And for a moment, I thought I was seeing things — but it was then when I positioned myself at the angle of the sun in the day, and of the moon at night; a mysticism I could not explain… but lights moved upon their skin like nothing I had seen before. Mesmerizing.

Twilight settled and I walked between the moon and the great river known as: Yofermim. And it was the moon that sat at the tip of the second Pyramid; a watchful eye, it reminded me of. But a blind one… I could hear the reeds of the river dance with the steady warmth of the wind. The blue hyacinth, they bowed towards the moonlight. Then, it was up the river, I stood with fright at the sight of something come up from beneath the water. But in the shadows it masked itself, though, it could not mask it’s wings…

Until next time,

May the colors of Idemrune always captivate your eyes.

– Elijah Richard

* I’m aware Passage to Idemrune tells of the smaller stories within the lands. But are you?  I’m honored to have your attention, as these are the tales and pieces that often never see the spotlight within a novel. And I pray these stories will be handy when I finish Idemrune’s first book of an epic fantasy adventure. May these petite stories be an ever interesting lore.

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