The One Eyed Wizard

I do hope you enjoy this little story from Idemrune. It came to me in the wee hours of the night. Perhaps, it is a piece to a grander puzzle. 


Within a valley surrounded by tiny mountains and hills, there is a cabin; lonesome… against the chill winds of a clear sky night. And this night was not like the rest, though the sky was bright with stars and the soft rays of moonlight beams. It was seen above, that which was falling from the heavens in a blanket wrapped in blue flames. A cluster of five, and it was so high up and so far away, it flew slowly on by.

And this valley was strange, too quiet for any man or woman’s casual, ought to be, secure taste. It was home to the Ru-e-bees. Mischievous little ground fairies, more so than their cousins, the most mischievous of their kind. It was even their name that played tricks on the ones who lust for gems and gold, wealth and power. They would soon find out there was none to be found, none to be easily found, that is — and we should leave it there… gems are the least of this story.

So, it was in this cabin, of the night of the blue flame, cluster of five; there was an old Wizard with one eye. He hurried out it’s front door. Yes, a Wizard. Because surely someone had to live there… who better to survive a lonesome valley than a lonely eyed Wizard? Well, I’ll tell you: it was a Wizard who could only grasp half the nonsense and trickery within it, that’s who.

He rushed outwards in front of his cabin wearing a lush robe and slippers. And he stood there in the cold of the night, a-gaze, such a sight with his trusty stave by his side. “Is it so?” He said to himself. From the ground, his one eye sought out the only bitty cricket lounging upon the ivy under the night’s sky. “You shall do!” He picked it up and crackled a whisper, some oddly cricket language you could imagine a cricket would speak.

His eye widened; his other, scarred closed. Even he was surprised it worked when he saw it grow, the size was good for a speckled falcon. Why, it looked like a falcon, beak and all, feathers and claws… indeed, It was as so. “Send word to them, a Hunchbinaroo seeks it’s prime! Find my friend, the tiniest of Gnomes — and bless my old age, you will know him by his nose. I shall meet them beyond the Canyons — fly swiftly!” And off it went into the night’s sky.

And when he thought all was fine as he watched his word begin to travel the night; those foul, mischievous little ones they call Ru-e-bees, they shot magic bolts in attempt to knock it out of the sky! “Retched creatures of the valley!” He shouted at them, spotting them with his one good eye. “Tre-ven-de-mi! Be gone! seize your spirit! His ancient language was fast and strong like a fiery ballista. And though he missed them, it hit the ground near them — terrifying them, for now…

“Run. Foul creatures of the valley. And leave my gardens alone! lest you be turned into the mucus of the ground!” A threat he planned on pursuing, too, if they so dared. But all was good now as he watched the falcon continue it’s course. A marvelous sight, the blue flame, cluster of five in the moonlit sky. He walked slowly, opening the door of his lonely, ivy covered cabin. A yellow light gleamed from inside, it looked cozy from where he stood, and he smiled. But a chill ran down his spine, and then it was a worrisome ache that weighed his cheeks. “Who else would see and know this night was a sign?” He thought carefully to himself.

Looking over his shoulder, he waited in suspicion but only for a moment… he then walked inside and shut the door quickly behind him. The only window there was covered in strings of ivy, shining through it was the yellow light from inside. It was quickly put out. And all was quiet in the lonely cabin of the strange valley.



Much to come, much to hear.

Until next time,

– Elijah Richard






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2 thoughts on “The One Eyed Wizard

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  1. It was a great journey into your intricate world. I was there, I saw the old man’s hair and beard swept in wisps by the cold grey breeze of the night. I saw the falcon in its glory and the littler folk. Don’t ever disregard a dream that leads you to a story. Those kind of dreams have merit and opens gateways that even we can’t comprehend. My book was born of a dream. And I plan to write a trilogy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Lizette! ❤️
      I imagine he deals quite a bit with those little folk roaming around the valley. He’s been trying to grow his poor little garden for some time; I wonder what brought him to this strange valley in the first place. I wonder how he lost his eye, too.

      And that is so wonderful! I’m extremely excited for you. 🥂

      Cheers, much love,

      – Eli


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