The Forsaken

There are those who treasure riches, but there are those who have let it feed them ruining.


A long time ago, shortly after the great resistance that led Wolfen beings and Elves apart. The golden deserts of Odessa Crine were thriving with life in cities, flourishing with families and market and power; among the more complexed civilizations in all of Idemrune. And it was home to a people known as Hunchbinaroo.

They were a people of great talent and knowledge of an arcane — truly unique in most ways among the rest studied within the lands. But there came a time, sudden, unknowingly; the Hunch kind were possessed with a powerful greed for particular riches — valuable gems, rocks, and precious metals. It took them, it took them all without discrimination. It was even the Scholars of the Farthers who could not reason why an entire civilization was becoming so uncanny… fortunate, greedy.

The lust for wealth was nearly the root of their entire motivation, the root of all their inclinations. And they had nearly everything; a rich land, a wealthy people, a flourishing trade among others. Spoiled? Most would say. Though, some would say blessed. But a greed that traveled this deep, was a greed that smoked out mostly good thoughts, unselfish reasoning.

For it was even in the days of the Great War, they abandoned their allies for a trove unlike anything they had ever seen. To suddenly disarm and leave a friend in the midst of battle did not come without a ripe justice, I should say so. I consider it a curse they placed upon themselves as a whole people. But the people of Idemrune would disagree with me…

A reckoning long conjured for their treachery. But who would take the credit for such a reckoning to doom a whole people of a short and speedy life? So swift, the magic within them altered in a strange way; leaving them hag-like and ghoulish. Some, whisper rumors of the Humans. After all, these were the ones they abandoned… But they do not take credit. Some believe it was the wise Gnomes, but this is unsettling for them. They harldy ever wish to get their hands dirty. 

So, for now it is a mystery — a mystery that has changed a whole race of beings; leaving them with dwindling numbers. Eventually coming to nothing. And then I’m stricken; All of Odessa Crine, all of its riches… it will all be up for the taking. The gears of my thoughts spin as to how many powers are patiently waiting to seize a rich opportunity…

Until next time,

Elijah Richard 

* Special thanks to the ones who keep believing in me. Thank you for all your support along this journey. I continuously hope to keep you engaged in exploration, in these stories from Idemrune.


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2 thoughts on “The Forsaken

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  1. Every time I read excerpts of your ‘passage’, it never stops leaving me amazed at your choice of words, the wonder world that evokes curiosity in me. And when the words stop, I want to read more. I wish I was born English! 😆 I don’t get the chance to speak English in this Afrikaans community. Only on Twitter, or when reading or writing. I feel like I’m behind by millennia when it comes to this and it will take millennia more to catch up. I started with serious writing late in my life 🙁 So I want to encourage you to write as often as you can,as much as you can while you still have many years of writing left. AND I can’t wait to read this book whenever you’re happy with your final product! Great talent Elijah! 👍👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, thank you so much, Lizette. This means so much to me. And thank you for the encouragement, always! You really make my day that much brighter. 😊 I’m trying my best to make steady progress with my novel. I’m hoping these stories do their job at sustaining. Most importantly, I hope they bring a sense of joy and exploration to readers. ❤️ much love! ❤️


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