Practice Process

Every time you rush a story or a project or a goal – Is it ever really satisfying? Or are you left with the feeling of incompleteness?

It’s a strange feeling – the anxiety… an itch you wish with all your might to rid yourself of.  And then the stress becomes overwhelming. You think: “Why can’t I just finish this piece already?” Or – “What am I missing?” Things like ‘time’ become justification, ‘writers block.’ We’ve all heard of the horrors.

But I want to let you in on a tip: Even the smallest of progress is still progress, folks. And allow me to let you in on another: JUST writing alone, sometimes won’t cut it. So… what do you do?

You submerge yourself within the story. Take a step back, seriously. And it may not look like writing… because it isn’t. But the result! the result is writing. Your art. The story you’ll be proud of. And it’s this simple: If you wanted a beautiful backyard pond, more than likely you’ll need to do some digging – a vast hole – large! (depending on your taste, of course). Well, this formless hole doesn’t look like a pond… no, you must add the water. And then there’s the question of all the dirt you have to the side somewhere, well it simply must go!

agriculture backyard blur close up
Photo by Lukas on

So, you do some cleaning, you spruce up the edges, you add an array of exotic plants and flowers. You spice it up to look like the best damn backyard pond YOU’VE ever seen. And all this in itself, creates. None of the beginning steps whatsoever was a pond to begin with. It was 99% process. And as a result, you have your beautiful backyard pond.

The same can be applied to writing. If we practice stepping back, throwing out the word count (although these are cool!), and focusing on just creating something out of nothing via process… You’ll be happier with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish – as this can be applied to everything, not just writing.

Conclusion: Have fun with the research, toy with bizarre and crazy scenarios/ideas/settings/plots… exhaust the boundaries of your intellect and imagination with that one story… and slowly, methodically write it out bit by bit.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, I hope you found it useful in all ways. 🙂 If you have, I’d love it if you left a comment or a thumbs up, down below. 

As always, much love, 

Elijah Richard

8 thoughts on “Practice Process

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  1. Very insightful Elijah! And true! To be a writer is to never be lazy or the end product will reflect that. Maybe we’ll just give up before it could be amazing! This piece is of worth for all aspiring writers! Thank you for sharing! Happy writing!

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  2. You’re welcome! It’s always worth discussing our writing journeys with each other. Every time, I learn something to add to my work and writing practise. Interesting subject that you touched on in your blog! Happy writing!

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