Secrets of Atamur

“The break travels far and deep into our world. In some places, further than mortal eyes can see. Dare not travel in those parts… Giants of the deep, they have long forgotten. Giants like pillaring shadows, shadows who move swiftly, shadows who would rule the days to come, leave the world dark again, consume until there’s none.” Said he.

The air was thin and cold. The wind never constant – it struggled to make direction. But the old man, faded like his garments, a dying Wizard stood there in the tower with another. For his time would come sooner than he expected, and this Wizard would never leave without sharing his secrets. But to whom would he pass his knowledge to?

I would say if only the image was clear; A wave of violet matter would smudge the details from my sight. But another was surely there. And there they spoke of secrets to guard, and legends to protect as they peered into a ‘looking glass.’ This is the simplest way to refer to it as. But it hovered against normal tendencies… I could barely make out the edges of what appeared to be a prism of some sort.

I’m afraid in the absence of images it might have been difficult to make out at all. Nevertheless, the images were revealing; Their words became like whispers but I could faintly make out a name… “Atamur.” The other said, “Don’t leave… not now,  I can’t -”

But before he could finish, the light took the old Wizard piece by piece; all was gone but his stave. Forged by the Green Man, the stave was a relic that could not easily be destroyed – it could not easily be used for destruction either. However, I know this very stave is wanted by many… even now, the Scholars of the Farthers sense it’s abandonment.

But I cannot intervene.

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Until next time,

– Elijah Richard

Scholars of Idemrune

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4 thoughts on “Secrets of Atamur

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  1. I like the name Atamur- very interesting! That stave,that stave! If only it could many a secret…!!! Way interesting Eli! Thanks for sharing yet another colourful and enticing piece of your story! Looking fwd to more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! yes! thank you, Lizette. I altered a name that I ran across during some research. I’m glad you like it. 🙂 And the stave, yes, I’m sure I will make good mention of it in my Novel. 😉


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