One Night, A Thought

There is a rhythm in words. That is why there is tone. And words have done, are doing, and will. They’re the power behind the mind.

This is the true motivator, the roots beneath every writer. It is curiosity in words, the fascination in the resulting product, the wonder that takes hold of us.  

It is what I ask myself: what will these words result? 

If it is happiness, it is success. If it is thrill, it is success. If it is curiosity, it is success. If it is sadness, it is success. If it is emotion, it is at any rate still success… 

And it needs only refining to produce the emotion you seek. So, I beg of you: finish your writing, never give up on a piece you’ve begun. Simply stash those away for later, there will be a time when you know exactly what you were trying to say. 

I was sitting at my desk, in a deep thought. And I simply wanted to speak my mind, speak to myself. And it is when I thought: a message to myself can be a message for others as well. I hope some of these words made you ponder a little, maybe made you dig around for some stories you gave up on years ago. I challenge you to revisit them. 

Until next time, 

– Elijah Richard 

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