Will of Gabriel

“If there isn’t a will, there isn’t a way.” Is what William always told him. But that was a long time ago, and Gabriel had grown much in his own peculiar way. Yet the hard and frugal life he’s had so far is to thank for a portion of his sculpting. Nevertheless, those words were engraved on the inward side — crown of his head, so he’d remember.

Twenty years since they ran out Project Unity. Those vile creatures, transformed wrongfully under the deranged, lunatic of a sorceress, Jezedro. Twenty long years in the making — she had taken nearly everything from Gabriel, everything they said he would have: a life, family, company, but not a purpose. No, however, a purpose altered, reconfigured by a long sought vendetta.

And the portal to take him there, he had finally found a power source strong enough for it. A flood of memory overwhelmed him: The moment they forced him in the portal, saved him from her grip. But why? He was so young — he often wondered why she wanted him. Why? he often pondered: what was special about him?

And twenty years he wondered if they would welcome him back. Perhaps, the people who took care of him — she spared. After all, she had only wanted him… And where it was they sent him, he had no explanation. But he had not slept in these years, this he also thought on, yet it wasn’t pressing. Do people sleep? He had never seen one sleep… yet he can recall them putting him to sleep from time to time…

“Where there is will, there is way.” He said, before stepping into the beam of light hoisted from the mechanism he came from twenty years ago. Through the light he stepped across lands like moving through a curtain. He supposed he ought to have looked before he stepped… these lands were different; he stood amid a busy empire: This doesn’t seem right, he thought when his eyes focused on the large statue in front of him.

It was her. And a twisted crown sat on her head, she was monumental before all. All around her seemed not to care. “William.” He first called out in a soft manner.

“Move it pal!” A man with a large carriage and horses came upon him. And suddenly, William was curious of these, what were these things with no fingers and long noses? What was that man doing with them? Didn’t seem right, that looks like it hurts, He thought and stepped aside, but he wanted to touch the horse. So, he did as it walked by, his fingers grazed its body and the horse made a sound he hadn’t heard before.

“William.” He spoke, this time a bit louder than before. He had not stepped yet, only to move aside; but his eyes searched frantically. And all the sense was becoming overwhelming. “William!” He began to shout. But he could not find him and the people around him began looking at him with oddly faces. “Have you seen William?” He reached outwards to a woman and child, but only to frighten them.

He didn’t know how to respond to that. But then, off in some distance he saw it. A symbol on a wall, the same symbol of Project Unity. Yet a large painted ‘X’ was over it. He made way to it, inspected it, touched it, remembered. He had realized, near it, sort of aside it but five feet from him was a strange lady. She wore a large hat, the brim and shadow from it veiled her eyes; she leant up against the wall.

“Where there is will –“

He looked at her, those words he had known, finally something familiar, “there is way.” he said. And the mysterious woman looked up at him, her grin was as cunning as her attire.

“Come with me, I will show you the way.” She said.

I suppose there will be more from this story. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it. I apologize for the long gap between releasing these stories. 


Until next time,

– Elijah Richard

Featured Image is courtesy of WordPress’ free photo library and is intended for aesthetic use only. 

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  1. I truly believe in you as a writer and how you perceive things to write about them! I have a great feeling about this particular short story and that it will lead to many more, making this an extensive series. there are so many avenues you can explore in this story! *jumping up and down from my seat* !!! Happy for you! Much love

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