My Gnomes, My Dwarves of Idemrune

It is not a question of what resides in the vast region of Samanra, but whom? “Those are the lands of the Gnomes, of the Dwarves,” some would say so simply. However, the Gnomes and Dwarves deserve more saying, and there is much to discover about them. Search closely with me, and there are three types of Gnomes and their contrary Dwarves are the shy ones, despite popular belief.  

The Gnomes rule the lands above. What have it the Dwarves, you may ask? They rule those lands below, kingdoms underground. Like small cities within the deep of caves. And both are content with the region and their rights to the land; they’re more than cordial with each other. 

Of the Gnomes of Samanra there are three kinds:

The Taller Ones (Dunlerhel): Their ways are old and of the first ways of Gnomes. Wise, yes, but very much hardened by one path, limited ways. It has done good by them since their beginnings. The crown belongs to them, and they rule over Samanra justly. As for their appearance: They’re indeed taller than the average Man or Woman, taller than the Winged Ones, and taller than the Hunch kind. Yet, their build is slender with a slightly elongated neck and their skin is of a charcoal color. A bright blue luminescence radiates, somewhat flows gracefully on the top of their skin. It is magical, nonetheless — some would say as mesmerizing as a temptress. Others, mildly intimidating.

Gnomes (They’re known as such): They’re average in height with large and plumped noses. They may come as skinny, bulky, muscular, thick, bubbly, or just plain. The hair on their head is either a bright orange or a blinding white as snow; the shade of their skin takes many. However, one of the peculiar details about them is of their vision: It lacks. For this reason, most past adolescence wear some type of eye-wear, whether it be plain glasses or a monocle. They’re in all ways a typical Gnome, curious, fun, sometimes reckless, yet simple living and open to most cultures and beings.

Tunnylop: In order of height and size, these are third in the list; but of no lesser worth than their taller counterparts. Tunnylops are very petite beings. They’re shorter than the Dwarves, and there is no mistaking them. They have large heads and tiny bodies with large decorated ears, and an abundance of hair on their heads. They’re either jolly or ill-tempered, so it seems. I have yet to come across one in between. Nevertheless, these are good folk, and they’re always a joy to have around… 


The Dwarves are not as diverse as the Gnomes when it comes to shape and size. However, they are not easily understood. They’re a hardy yet silent folk. No doubt they’re a prideful people, yet shy to speak and to intervene. But just because they’re as such, it doesn’t mean you won’t find them out and about; even away from their homeland, traveling the lands of Idemrune like on an ever search for something more… or something they have lost and yet to find, perhaps?

And what of their kingdoms underground? Well, few apart from the Gnomes are permitted to enter their vast cave systems. But should you be an honored guest, you will find their great halls like polished ivory — and then, you will surely come to see the whole of it. Wide and intricate structures, my eyes doubt even possible. Yet it is there, a tiny world beneath it all. 


* A short and half painted picture of the Gnomes and Dwarves of Idemrune. As always, if you’ve enjoyed, please leave a comment and a like. Much love! 


– Eli Richard






Featured Image is courtesy of WordPress’ free photo library and is intended for aesthetic use only. 




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