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Let me start by saying: thank you, for visiting my site. My name is Eli, and it’s not difficult to guess; I enjoy writing very much. I served my time in the U.S. Marine Corps for a while and eventually I told myself, “it was time to move on.” I found myself getting married shortly afterwards and moving to a tiny town called: Montesano… where I rediscovered my passion for writing. I’m 26 years old and I have no intentions on rushing into the stories I have to tell, let alone rushing the current novel I’m working on. If you’d like, stick around and partake in discovering Idemrune with me. The company along the way will prove for splendid adventures, I’m sure of it. It seems as if everyday, I learn something new; a piece of the puzzle in which I can lay down into its unique and individual grooves. This site is that puzzle; of course, I won’t disclose the entirety of my works here. But I will share its concepts and people. And I’d like you to know, none of this is possible without companions (you). So, I’m an email away, always. I’m looking forward to sharing the world of Idemrune with you, and the stories it has to tell.


Idemrune has a much larger story to tell. Fund the epic fantasy novel!

All donations go towards helping me fund my dream of publishing Idemrune's first epic fantasy novel. (editor fees, artwork, design, etc.)



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