Idemrune is its own world, next to our own. Its time runs like ours and it has a sun, a moon, and stars just as we do. But the lands are in fact different — the stars seem a little closer, the sky just a little brighter and at times much darker. The trees are more lively, they are definitely larger and their roots are mightier than some mountains. Its waters move similar to ours but you can expect less salt; Idemrune’s seas move together like one giant breathing being.

The smell, its sweet; the nectar of the flowers tend to linger far longer. But, without a doubt, there are areas and lands that smell plain. And then, there are areas that have a stench to them as do ours. There are Sacred and protected lands, forests, jungles, and canyons. Surely, there are lands which hold over them the eternal weight of war and bloodshed, just as ours. Its caves are grander and its mountains are taller, its winds may howl a fierceness; some bringing with them the whispers of tales from afar.

If this is not strange, then there is the fog of the lands in Idmerune; far from nothing, it’s mostly large and something. The fog and mists are of a different kind, they move as they please, unlike normal fog manners; it would seem it has purpose, its own livelihood. But I would share another; there is the mysteries of sounds that arise from the depths, quite normal to the inhabitants; they know more knowledge of them than us. But, I warn you: they are quite eerie, and I’ve heard some Gnomes speak of pillaring giants that move as the shadows when great omens do appear. At least it’s what I could make out, over the pitches of sound…

Until next time,

– Elijah Richard


Idemrune has a much larger story to tell. Fund the epic fantasy novel!

All donations go towards helping me fund my dream of publishing Idemrune's first epic fantasy novel. (editor fees, artwork, design, etc.)


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