Unoti: Chapter Five

"And what of the trees behind you? What of their flowers? Can you not smell their nectar, their velvet-like pedals? What of the birds in the sky, their songs harmonize, can you hear them? What of the ground, tell me; did you feel the ground slam against your legs, as you fell? And what of I? Did you feel -- when you saw the likes of a mountain moving towards you? Perhaps, it was fear; the likely feeling when stumbling upon the unknown -- do you feel the life in my words, the air that encompasses them, as I speak to you? Tell me, young one, does this world feel lifeless?What is real, to you?" 

Unoti: Chapter Three

And the angry bartender, he made haste quickly towards him. Unoti noticed, "Oh!" He scurried in circles on top of the chair in which he was standing upon. He saw the face of the bartender and It did not look pleasant. "Oh my! Time to go, my friends."

Unoti: Chapter Two

"Please, sugar cane and wonder sips, don't fall." He whispered to the glasses. He struggled a bit, still walking slowly; pausing for brief seconds at a time, just until he finally had handle of them.

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