The One Eyed Wizard

It was seen above, that which was falling from the heavens in a blanket wrapped in blue flames. A cluster of five, and it was so high up and so far away, it flew slowly on by. 

The Squabble Of Man

Of course there are humans, the likes of women and men in the lands of Idemrune! We are a formidable being, after all. Persistent, ambitious, relentless are we. And it would be an ordinary land without the extraordinary likes of man and woman, our arrogance alone proves to be note worthy in any land. But there... Continue Reading →

Words like the River

I see a great river flowing like the high winds above a mountain's peak. And beside the river's belly, purple water hyacinths make their home. You are like the mighty river that waters the beauty. And with your stories, every word is like a drop that waters the soul.    There is a moment when... Continue Reading →

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