The Inhabitants

Currently in the works of compiling a list of the creatures and beings of Idemrune, as well as a short description and background of them. This will be exciting, as it’s the first glimpse of the culture and life in Idemrune.

I will say: The lands do favor Elves and Gnomes. But there are a wide variety of beings and creatures that I have discovered along my venturing. It surprised me when I saw the likes of a human with an odd light behind their ears; then I was startled by a short fella with ears that almost touched the floor! He was kind, thank the divines.

Humans: Among the seven most inhabited regions, there is a land called: Darjee. A land mostly populated by us Humans. We built grand structures out of stone and hardened metal. And it is no surprise, the land is with a Queen; she has ruled for most her life. Humans in the land of Idemrune are hard workers, no doubt; our sense of pride often lands us in unprecedented situations — we usually find our way out. As you may know by now, there is a slight squabble among the Humans and those known as Withēnem. And this has been so, for a long time.

Withēnem: Pinuut stands northwest of Ele’MeqSill and The Land at Far. There, lived most of all the Withēnem. You can compare them to Humans, but they are not the same. Think more… with the land. Behind the curtains of waterfalls; plots of living land unseen, hidden and tucked away alongside the walls of rock and dirt. Among the rolling hills and long prairies; comfortably living beside their flowing rivers of water that bend and rise, fall and twist amongst the land. They lunged towards these. Wherever the land prospers, you’d be sure to find them. They had a beautiful gift to speak to the wilder things of nature.

Gnomes: Samanra, a northeast region in Idemrune is home to the Gnomes. And there are some particulars worth mentioning. The ones that are tall have skin like the moonlit blue sky. And their eyes are like a blackened starlit sky. A total being of mysticism. And it’s hard to look away from their captivating visuals. They’re known just by the name: Gnome. Besides them, there are others, called: Tunnylops. These Gnomes are rather small and are either thin or large in nature with fairly large ears for hearing. They are often seen with decorative jewelry on their ears or large gauges or spikes hanging from them. And though they’re small, they’re quite agile for their petiteness. Gnomes below average in size but larger than Tunnylops are called: Challsc. An abundant of them roam the lands of Idemrune, and they never look a year over twenty with bright orange hair, so thick, it grows upwards and never flat.

*** to be continued.

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